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The Starkness of Early Spring

Bare branches near Lake Champlain in Charlotte.

Now that the snow is mostly gone, I’m doing my best to appreciate the neutral landscape of early spring.

The stretch between March and late April in Vermont is always a toss up — it can be mild and sunny or frigid and snowing. This month we’ve had both extremes, with the temperature dropping from 60 to 7 degrees in one week (it also snowed somewhere in between).

Whether we get rain, snow or a heatwave in Vermont, we’ll be surrounded by brown grass and bare trees for the next several weeks. With that, I’m going to make an effort to enjoy this time of year. Because depending on how you see things, early spring can be predictably bleak or surprisingly beautiful.

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  • Erin @ I Heart New England
    Posted at 14:52h, 29 March Reply

    Wow, that really sounds like some unpredictable weather!

  • Erica Houskeeper
    Posted at 15:01h, 29 March Reply

    Hi Erin. Yes, it’s been all over the place. I think we’re all looking forward to some consistent warmth and sun. By the way, I keep thinking about your photos of the Nantucket ship and the old man. It was such a moving story and your photos were really beautiful.

  • Hilke Breder
    Posted at 23:08h, 30 March Reply

    Love the filigree of the tree branches. When the leaves are off the structure of tree becomes clear.

  • Erica Houskeeper
    Posted at 23:19h, 30 March Reply

    Hi Hilke. Absolutely. Filigree is a perfect way to describe the branches.

  • elvira pajarola
    Posted at 21:27h, 05 April Reply

    Carissima Erica…….these Photos are sublime…wonderful….!!!
    At the moment temperature ups and downs are frequently events all over the globe…; even in tuscany the weather isn’t at all mild, even if very sunny…!

    have a wonderful week and I send you though the tuscan sunshine…!
    ciao ciao elvira

  • Erica Houskeeper
    Posted at 00:21h, 06 April Reply

    Hi Elvira — Thank you! Things are looking up. The flowers are finally starting to bloom and the sun is shining. For that I am very grateful. Take care.

  • The World Tour
    Posted at 21:35h, 07 April Reply

    That look so serene and beautiful.

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