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Lincoln fall view

A Changing Landscape

This summer was mostly a blur for me. I spent a good part of it with my mom, who has been in hospitals and health/rehabilitation centers for the past two months. She is doing better, regaining her strength and moving forward. Still, things are changing.

I tend to think of the ups and downs in life as seasons – stretches of time that are either ordinary, wonderful or painful. My guess is that this is probably a pretty common thought process. For me, these seasons can be a period of weeks, months or years, and I usually label them once the time of happiness or sadness has passed.

Needless to say, these past several weeks have been difficult for my mom and my family. But during this time I’ve shared many tender moments with my mom that I’ll forever cherish and hold close to my heart.

It’s hard to say how I’ll eventually describe the current season I’m in. Right now I just can’t find the words.


leaf peeping
  • LC
    Posted at 13:45h, 10 September Reply

    Your post triggered memories for me as I returned to Vermont in the autumn about four years ago to spend time with my mother who was very ill… there is something about fall that I will always associate with that three weeks, the fall color, and the scent of the crisp leaves… as I’m getting older myself and I have some serious health issues, the concept of autumn becomes more poignant, not so much as a sense of regret, but rather as a sense that moves my spirit in a deep and meaningful way… These moments you refer to will be with you the rest of your life, and you’ll find that you are extremely thankful for them… as you will have grown in ways you never knew you were capable of… best wishes, Larry

  • Erin @ I Heart New England
    Posted at 16:49h, 10 September Reply

    You must be going through so much; my heart goes out to you. May the approaching season be a comfort to you ♥

  • A New England Life
    Posted at 01:50h, 11 September Reply

    I think it’s very difficult to see our parents grow older and have health problems. Last year when my own mother was in very poor health due to a back issue I wasn’t sure things would ever get back to normal.

    They did, but a part of me now knows what the future could bring at any time. I think we are also faced with our own future during these emotionally draining times.

    My best to you Erica.

    Btw, these photos weren’t taken this year, right??? I hope not!


  • Alyson (New England Living)
    Posted at 16:47h, 14 September Reply

    Wow, you described it so beautifully! I’m sorry that you are going through this difficulty. I also think it’s amazing that you see the beautiful moments in it as well. I wish you peace in the coming months! Gorgeous photos!

  • Erica Houskeeper
    Posted at 11:03h, 16 September Reply

    Thank you everyone! I appreciate your support. It’s been a very difficult couple of months.

    Sharon – good question! These photos were taken in October last year.

  • maggieisfiercefamineuncontrolledbeatch
    Posted at 23:58h, 25 November Reply

    фотки очень красивые, особенно вторая – сочные цвета…

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