Adventures in Ski School at Bolton Valley

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Adventures In Ski School at Bolton Valley

I’m looking forward to being a regular contributor this winter for Ski Vermont’s All Mountain Mamas blog. My first post of the season is about following Phoebe’s adventures in ski school at Bolton Valley. I hope you’ll follow my adventure with Phoebe!

My daughter Phoebe is a bit of a reluctant skier. At four years old, she enjoys parts of skiing, but she doesn’t exactly love the effort that comes with it—carrying her equipment up the hill, learning how to make French fries and pizza pies with her skis, and pulling herself up when she falls down again and again.

But like most preschoolers, Phoebe is curious, silly, and loves nothing more than to play. Fortunately, Bolton Valley’s ski school is all about playtime and fun for kids.

I first learned to ski at age 3, and I remember it wasn’t easy in the beginning. Forty-two years later, I still have days on the hill when I’m filled with doubt and fear. With that in mind, I know I don’t want to force Phoebe to like skiing, so I try to focus on the fun stuff. I also listen to what she has to say about skiing—the good and the bad.


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  • Judy Farkas
    Posted at 14:59h, 14 January Reply

    Hi Erica,
    I enjoy reading your posts, you have a gift for writing and I love reading about Vermont. I especially liked this post about your daughter, she is beautiful( looks very much like you)
    It has been many years but perhaps you remember, I am Jennifer Farkas’ Mom from Manchester. I now live in CT. and spend the summer in Tinmouth Vt

    • Erica
      Posted at 18:16h, 14 January Reply

      Hi Judy,
      So nice to hear from you! Funny, I think I saw your photo on Facebook recently, and I was thinking about you and your family. I didn’t know you lived in CT and summered in Tinmouth. Tinmouth is lovely — such a beautiful town. I still think of Jennifer every time I drive by your old house near Barnumville Road. My mom still lives in Manchester, so I get down there every couple of months. Thanks so much for reading my blog, and thanks for your kind words and for saying hello! Take care – Erica

  • Jim Pewitt
    Posted at 13:26h, 04 March Reply

    Looks like that education at Delaware paid off Kiddo. OMG cute Phoebe issss. Funny I am in Manhattan today visiting my brother Jay and it is snowing out. I remember Jen your friend from Manchester, too funny. Keep up the great writing… Liz and I still are up in Whoville, AKA Leavenworth sharing house with 2 dogs. Levon my border Collie and Bizby our Dorkie, AKA cousin it from the Adams family. Will have to get up to Vermont one of these years to visit. Hi to you guy and Phoebe. Have a great 2016)))

    • Erica
      Posted at 20:15h, 05 March Reply

      Jim! So good to hear from you. Thanks for checking out the blog and saying hello. Hope you and Liz are doing well! You will have to get up to Vermont sometime. Glad things are going well and you are still in Washington. Keep in touch! E

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