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Happy Vermonters: Why Michael Knapp Calls Brattleboro Home

“I’m an entrepreneur and started a software company out of my basement back in 2000. I know there are parts of the tech industry that very much belong here—technology to help with sustainability, environmental protection, energy efficiency, and K-12 education. I’ve been interested in social justice since a young age. I often wondered, ‘How do I walk the Earth in a way that creates a sustainable future?’ That’s what drew me here. My wife and I moved to Vermont in 1994, and Brattleboro was the perfect blend for us—a beautiful rural place, but only a short drive to nearby northeastern cities. And I think living in Vermont also means being in a place that’s not too frenetic. Yes, living here can be nuanced, difficult, and challenging at times. It’s not simple or always positive, but Vermont is home and it’s where I belong.”

Michael Knapp, founder and CEO of Green River, a software design and development firm in Brattleboro dedicated to the environment, social service, public health, and education.

Happy Vermonters is a series of stories sharing why people love Vermont.

Happy Vermonters, Windham County
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