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Podcast: Soaking Up the Outdoors with Vermont Forest Bathing Guide Duncan Murdoch

Vermont forest bathing guide Duncan Murdoch helps people slow down and connect with nature.

The former actor, now a certified nature and forest therapy guide, leads forest bathing workshops around Vermont. Forest bathing, which first originated in Japan, is a research-based practice for supporting healing and wellness through immersion in forests and other natural areas.

After deciding to leave the world of movies and improv to train to become a nature therapy guide, Murdoch hosted his first forest bathing workshop in Central Park. The practice of forest bathing transformed his life, he says.

“It’s changed my life incredibly,” says Murdoch, who returned to his home state of Vermont in 2015. “I already felt like I had a deep connection to nature, and it’s deepened it even more. Connecting with people while connecting with nature has also been incredibly rewarding.”

Happy Vermont Podcast

In this podcast episode of Happy Vermont, recorded in the woods at Shelburne Farms, Murdoch talks about leaving acting behind, the beauty of nature, and how being a Vermont forest therapy guide enhanced his life.

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