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  • Moss Glen Falls on Route 100 Never Disappoints
    Moss Glen Falls on Route 100 Never Disappoints

    Given its beauty and easy access, Moss Glen Falls is probably the most photographed waterfall in Vermont. The 30-foot waterfall is located on the western edge of Route 100 in the Granville Gulf Reservation, a six-mile, winding stretch of untouched wilderness between Granville and Warren. The falls...

  • Hiking Mount Mansfield from Underhill State Park

    Underhill State Park in Underhill is the starting point for hiking Mount Mansfield (elevation 4,395 feet), Vermont's highest peak. The park is part of Vermont's 34,000-acre Mount Mansfield State Forest and is located on the western slope of Mount Mansfield. Underhill State Park is rated...

  • Exploring Lake Champlain Shipwrecks
    Exploring Lake Champlain Shipwrecks

    I took this before heading out for a Lake Champlain shipwrecks tour. You may have seen headlines this week about shipwrecks being found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. People are always surprised when I tell them that Lake Champlain has more than 300 shipwrecks...