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  • Columbus Day Weekend in Vermont
    Columbus Day Weekend in Vermont

    I always have high hopes for Columbus Day Weekend. Fall foliage is in full swing and there are always a variety of fun events going on around the state. There are too many festivals to name, but I wanted to highlight a few of my...

  • Fall Foliage in the Mad River Valley
    Fall Foliage in the Mad River Valley

    The Mad River Valley is always a perfect place to enjoy fall foliage. During the fall, the hillsides in this scenic area of central Vermont are particularly bright with shades of red, orange and gold. I typically drive along the back roads of Waitsfield, Warren and...

  • Peak Color Arrives
    Peak Color Arrives

    Every day on my way to work, I notice more orange, red and yellow popping up along the hillsides of Vermont. It started as a gradual change, but now the landscape is quickly turning vibrant and bright.Across most of the state, fall foliage is in...