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Moss Glen Falls on Route 100 Never Disappoints

Given its beauty and easy access, Moss Glen Falls is probably the most photographed waterfall in Vermont. The 30-foot waterfall is located on the western edge of Route 100 in the Granville Gulf Reservation, a six-mile, winding stretch of untouched wilderness between Granville and Warren.

The falls are a short walk from the road along a boardwalk that leads visitors to a viewing area at the base of the falls. The 30-foot cascade of Moss Glen Falls is formed on Deer Hollow Brook, a small stream that rises in the hills two miles above Granville Gulf.

I stopped by the falls this afternoon to take a few photos. Despite the rain, it was a busy place with visitors from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and even Tennessee.

Another popular attraction in Granville Gulf are moose. Just north of the falls on Route 100, there are multiple roadside signs for moose. Generally out at dawn and dusk, moose can be found in swamps and low-lying wet areas. I have yet to see one in this particular area, but if and when I do, I hope I spot one in the distance, nowhere near the road.

**If you go: Moss Glen Falls is located north of Hancock on the western side of Route 100. Parking is available.

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